Work To Help Ukraine

It's not a charity. It's an idea about a way to raise money to give to charity. It's a way to help inspire your whole Team at work, to pull together and help.

The campaign has raised £41,654.60 to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

It's almost impossible not to feel helpless watching the appalling news coming from Ukraine.

So many of us want to help but don't know the best way to go about it. Charities have been accepting donations of clothing and supplies but this creates logistical difficulties for them in getting the help to where it is most needed. Many charities are now saying that what they really need is cash.

But we have our own crisis here too – it seems so insignificant to be talking about inflation and the rising cost of energy here, when in Ukraine they are losing literally everything. Fundraising is so much more difficult though, when we are facing such a huge squeeze on our standard of living in this country.

So what's to be done? Work To Help Ukraine is an inspiring way to bring together your Team at work to provide hard cash directly to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and it works like this...

Choose a period of time – an hour, a day, a week, one day a week for a month, whatever – you choose what the business can do, and you dedicate the profit that the business makes in that time to help relieve the suffering in Ukraine. The Team get behind the idea, and together, the staff and the business work for nothing other than helping out in Ukraine.

CASE STUDY - J&A (International) Limited

A specialised printing company based in Lincolnshire and trading around the world.

Every Friday for a month, starting on the 18th March, all the profit that J&A makes will go to help refugees. 100% of the profit J&A make in the business on that day, for a month, will go to help the humanitarian relief effort. Their staff get paid the same, they do the same job, they work together, and as a Team, they ship products out the door and use all the profit from their work, through the Company, to give cash directly to the Disasters Emergency Committee. Every Friday for a month, all the effort, skill and expertise put in at J&A is for humanitarian relief in Ukraine. J&A is placing banners outside their business and involving the press to try to spread the word and franchise the idea more widely. J&A are hoping that the more people see what they are doing, the greater the chance other organisations will join in and raise more money.

If you are a member of staff at an Organisation that you think might like to join in, then point them to this website and spread the word with your Team – this is a way that YOU can HELP.

To clarify, we are not collecting money, this is just an idea. If you wish to donate money, the government is recommending donations are given to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Rowhire Ltd. raised £2,487

CASE STUDY - Rowhire Ltd.

A small fitness equipment hire firm based in Lincolnshire providing exercise equipment across the UK.

Monday to Friday, for the whole week, starting on the 21st March, all the profit that Rowhire makes in that week will be handed over directly to the Disasters Emergency Committee to help relieve the suffering in Ukraine. The Team at Rowhire know that everything they do for that week at work is just to help Ukraine. No banners here, no press, just getting their heads down to see how much they can do in a week to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee.

If you are an Organisation that would like to consider how to get started using this idea then get in touch. If you get involved we would be delighted to include your case study here, let everyone know how much money you have raised, and get your logo and company details on to this website.

Email us or call 01790 729902 to see how we could help you Work To Help Ukraine

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